Everything We Know About “Enola Holmes 2”

Everything We Know About “Enola Holmes 2”

Anything with the name Holmes in it is bound to attract viewers. Earlier, tons of series were created with Sherlock Holmes as the protagonist. Then in 2020, Netflix dropped a movie about Sherlock’s younger sister Enola Holmes. The film was met with critical acclaim as well as audience praise.

The story about the struggles of young Enola may have been set in a different century but it resonated with today’s generation too. It was a heartwarming tale about a young girl who was on a journey to find out about her mother’s whereabouts. Along the way, she met various interesting characters like the Viscount Marquees of Basilweather, played by Louis Partridge, and the headstrong activist Edith, played by Susan Wokoma.

Everything We Know About “Enola Holmes 2”

Credit: Enola Holmes

Introduction of the Holmes Family

Uber-talented Millie Bobby Brown portrayed the vivacious Enola Holmes. The fans first fell in love with her after watching her outstanding performance in Stranger Things. With Enola Holmes, she ventured into production by being its executive producer. When Millie first heard the story of Enola Holmes, she took it to Netflix studio herself. It is safe to say that her instinct was right and this movie was really loved by the audience.

Henry Cavill played the genius detective Sherlock Holmes, while Sam Claflin played the uptight aristocratic Mycroft Holmes. Nobody else could have played the role of the eccentric mother Eudoria Holmes better than Helena Bonham-Carter.

When Will Enola Holmes 2 Be Released?

The first movie of the franchise was released in September 2020. This means fans have been waiting for the second installment for the last two years. Well, the good news is, Netflix has officially announced that Enola Holmes 2 will release on 4 November 2022.

Everything We Know About “Enola Holmes 2”

Credit: Enola Holmes

Writer and Director of Enola Holmes 2

Fans often get disappointed by sequels that are helmed by people who had nothing to do with the first movie. Fortunately, this won’t be the case with Enola Holmes 2, as both writer and director of the first movie are returning for the sequel. Harry Bradbeer will direct the sequel, and Jack Thorne will pen the screenplay.

What’s in the Trailer of Enola Holmes 2

Netflix dropped the trailer of the much-anticipated sequel on 4 September 2022. From the trailer, we can tell that the sequel will focus on Enola’s first job as a detective. Her first client will be a little girl who’d report the case of her missing sister. The case will lead her to the underworkings of evil factories and lavish ballrooms full of influential sinister people. Though Enola will keep her word of forging her own path, the trailer also revealed that at some point her case will be intertwined with Sherlock’s case. This means both the Holmes siblings will work together in the latter half of the film.

Everything We Know About “Enola Holmes 2”

Credit: Enola Holmes

Since the movie is closely following books, fans were scared that they won’t be able to see Tewkesbery in the upcoming sequel since he only appeared in the first novel. However, the makers continued the character and it seems there might be more romance in this one. In fact, the most replayed scene in the trailer was between Enola and Tewkesbery dancing in the ballroom. To give fans a treat, Netflix has even released an extended cut of that one scene.

What Are the New Characters in Enola Holmes 2?

In addition to many familiar faces, there have been some new cast members who will be seen in this movie. David Thewlis and Sharon Duncan-Brewster will be seen in prominent roles in Enola Holmes 2. People have seen David Thewlis as Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter series. Sharon is also well-known for her role in the show Bad Girls. She was last seen in the sci-fi fantasy Dune.

Where Did Enola Holmes End Up in the First Movie?

One of the best things about Enola Holmes was its neat ending. There were no loopholes and every character’s journey reached a nice closure (with some hint of new beginnings). Enola, the titular character, finally found her path by the end of the movie. Earlier she was desperate to be with her mother and then her brother. But by the end, she had realized that, like every Holmes, she also has to be her own person. She even declined the kind offer by Tewkesbury and her mother who invited her to stay with them. The most beautiful moment was between Enola and her mother, when she finally revealed to her why she had to disappear. In the end, we see Enola walking alone just like she did in the beginning but this time she was sure of herself.Enola Holmes

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