Domhnall Gleeson Seeks Steve Carell’s Advice on Joining The Office Spinoff

Domhnall Gleeson Seeks Steve Carell’s Advice on Joining The Office SpinoffSteve Carell recently shared some exciting news regarding The Office follow-up series. The discussion took place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Carell disclosed an interesting interaction with Domhnall Gleeson.

According to Carell, Gleeson reached out to him seeking advice about whether he should take on a role in the new series. He’s an excellent actor,” Carrell continued, saying: “He actually called me and asked ‘Should I do this? Is this something… Did you enjoy it?’ I said, ‘Of course.’

Domhnall Gleeson Leading New Series

Domhnall Gleeson Seeks Steve Carell’s Advice on Joining The Office SpinoffKnown for his role alongside Carell in FX’s psychological thriller The Patient, Gleeson’s involvement as one of the lead actors in the upcoming The Office spinoff marks an exciting progression in his career. As Carell noted during the show, I know Domhnall Gleeson, who I did The Patient with, is going to be one of the leads.

A Rich History Together

The bond between Carell and Gleeson appears strong, stemming from their work on The Patient. In this series, Carell starred as Dr. Alan Strauss, while Gleeson played Sam, a character with a dark secret. This collaboration evidently laid a solid foundation for their professional rapport.

During the interview, Carell humorously teased about the potential return of the original Office cast before clarifying that he was joking. He also confirmed that while the new series will exist within the same universe as his beloved portrayal of Michael Scott, he will not be making an appearance.

A Strong Endorsement from Carell

This candid conversation underscores the mutual respect between the actors. He’s great. Carell praised Gleeson, highlighting his belief in Gleeson’s talent and suitability for the role. Although specific details about the spinoff’s cast remain scarce, with only Sabrina Impacciatore confirmed besides Gleeson, anticipation builds thanks to endorsements like Carell’s.

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