Demon Slayer Excites Fans With Its Season 3 Announcement

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Demon Slayer took the world by storm as it transitioned from its completed manga to the animation phase. The human vs. demon-themed anime has gained popularity among anime watchers and has come with big news. The big announcement of its season 3 release creates excitement in the minds of demon slayer fans worldwide. You should prepare for the season 3 release by getting accustomed to the details that surround this franchise. So, here are the details included in the announcements, which include the content from the trailer.

Manga Readers’ Expectations for Demon Slayer Season 3

People who make up the demon slayer fans category comprise manga readers, anime-only waters, and anime first-timers. Manga readers tend to have more expectations for the franchise as they have followed the story in Japanese-style comics (manga). Some of these expectations span the arcs, including character entrances and a fight scene between specific characters, as shown in the manga. All these boil the blood of manga fans as they imagine seeing these scenes in the anime soon. Here are some of the specific manga reader’s expectations for season 3 across different communities:

Swordsmith Village

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The trailer shows some clips about the swordsmith village and manga readers have been expecting since season 2 ended. Demon slayer swordsmith village also follows the season 3 “Swordsmith arc” theme with many untold stories for every fan. One of the stories will be about getting a replacement for his damaged sword, and another is training regimen as expected. Every fan wants to see how his swords maker will rant like he always does and how the anime represents this scene. Fans also can’t wait to see how strong the characters will become and what other occurrences this arc holds for them.

New Hashira Entrances

Hashiras aren’t left out, as few have been shown in the anime over the past two seasons and movies. They have been given little screen time but haven’t engaged in the story to the extent that fans want to see. Manga readers, in particular, are looking forward to seeing them, and the trailer shows the second entrance of some Hashiras. It especially teases the Mist and Love Hashira with the possibility of introducing the Stone Hashira to the fray. We might get to see the others in this season, too, or we might have to wait for the next.

More Backstories

Characters have their backstories, too, and demon slayer didn’t leave them out in the manga, especially for the mainstream characters. The animation will likely follow suit with that pattern showing the stories of the Hashiras that will be introduced in season three. We might understand why the stone Hashira is blind and why the mist and love Hashiras fight demons. It might get better since fans will get more than the content shown in the recently released trailer. So, wait patiently to immerse yourself in the anime and understand your favorite Hashira this season.

Promotion Plans Confirmed for Season 3

The demon slayer franchise has plans to commemorate the release of its new season with many activities. One is its world tour, expressed in the Promotion Reel recently posted on the Crunchyroll YouTube channel. The world tour is stated to span 80 countries and regions and show a special episode during the tour. It’s a trip that will begin on February 4th in Tokyo, Japan, and end on March 19th in Taipei, Taiwan. The promotion includes special guests invited to the premiere in Los Angeles on February 18th.

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Season 3 Release Date and Order

Demon slayer has its season 3 release date set to April 2023, but that is not the entire story about the season. It will begin with the release of a one-hour special episode to lay a path for the third season’s release. The special will span scenes from episodes 10 and 11 from season two and episode one from season 3. It’s a special that will be shown during the world tour, as stated above, and will premiere in March 2023. It gets better since this special will be released in sub and dub for all fans having preferences for one or both.

Should You Anticipate Its Release?

Every true demon slayer fan should anticipate its release and crave the animation from Ufotable studios. If you are new to anime, you should try watching it, as it’s a great start to fuel your interests. You should also consider rewatching demon slayer from the first season to the latest episode of its season two. It will set the pace and prepare you as you await the new season in April 2023. So, catch up or rewatch demon slayer and bask in the greatness that season 3 has for you once it comes out.

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