David Harbour Speaks on Why He’s Happy That He Got Married in Las Vegas

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The marriage of Lily Allen and David Harbour was shocking. Granted, the news of the singer and actor dating was nothing new as the lovely couple had been seen together since 2019; however, Allen and Harbour revealed that they were married by Nevada Clark County, only a year after there was confirmed!

The duo eloped in Las Vegas and shared how unplanned but excited they were for the experience: “We didn’t plan to announce it to anyone, like, it was meant to be a private affair. We were leaving Las Vegas and driving to Los Angeles, and Nevada Clark County tweeted our marriage certificate.” Allen stated on the Sex, Lies, & DM Slides podcast.

This changed the lives of both Harbour and Allen, with the latter now stepping into the step-father role, and thanks to Stranger Things, he’s now comfortable playing such an important figure in the girl’s lives, “I’m very much a New York sort of city rat. I liked my freedom, my independence. And then it was really this part that did change a lot of that perspective,” he said on That Scene With Dan Patrick podcast.

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Though there was some confusion on his role at one point, with him recalling a moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live when his oldest stepdaughter stated that he was just some guy in our lives, “The older one got very upset with that, which I understand, and said: ‘He’s not our dad, he’s not our dad,” David said. “And the younger one was like: ‘Well, what is he? He’s kind of our dad? He’s kind of our stepdad?’ and the older one said; ‘He’s just some guy in our lives'”.

Harbour goes and explains how the show helped him with his personal life and the importance of family, “The show sort of opened my heart in a lot of different ways, and one of the ways that it did was it started to make me realize how thin my existence was without a family. I feel like there was something in Hopper that had a deep need for family, and there was something in me that had it, too, but that I wasn’t even aware of.” Family life for the couple seems to be going strong as Lily and David celebrated their two-year anniversary recently.

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Speaking on The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, the Stranger Things star explained why eloping at the Graceland Wedding Chapel was a joyous moment that celebrated the love with his new wife, “I gotta say, man, I highly recommend getting married in Las Vegas, especially with Elvis in a global pandemic, under the ashen skies of Las Vegas as the wildfires burn and the smoke coats all of Nevada. It was a very surreal experience to say the least, but the one great thing about sort of eloping to Vegas is you don’t have to invite all those annoying people that you know. Like, you make a list and you’re like, ‘Oh, these people are gonna want to be invited and we’re gonna have to sit her next to him and…”

Harbour is currently living a career-high as Stranger Things returned with tremendous viewership numbers that marked a career-high for not just the series but Netflix as a whole. It managed to garner 1.4 billion hours of minutes watched within 28 days, and while it was short of beating Squid Game – which had 1.7 billion minutes watched in 28 days – it was still an astronomical number that shattered other records. The streaming service has already confirmed a fifth and final season. That’s not all, as Harbour was recently confirmed as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian in Marvel’s The Thunderbolts. The 47-year-old will also star in Violent Night – playing Santa Claus – and We Have A Ghost and in the popular video game adaptation, Gran Turismo.

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