Chris Hemsworth Wants Thor 5 To Have A Totally Different Tone

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The star of Marvel Studios’ Thor movies has an idea for what Thor 5 should look like. After the recently released Thor: Love And Thunder, Chris Hemsworth wants the next one to be different. While the Thor movies have had a spotty track record, Hemsworth has an idea for how to keep things fresh. And that’s by making sure that Thor 5 is tonally separate from the other four movies in the franchise. And the man absolutely has a point. Read on to find out why Chris Hemsworth’s idea for Thor 5 is on the right track.

Chris Hemsworth Wants A Different Kind Of Thor 5

Recently, when he was on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Chris Hemsworth discussed his ideas for a Thor 5. The MCU star talks about how when the movies get too familiar, that’s when they are in danger of becoming stagnant. And he has a point. The same formula over and over rarely works in any franchise.

The Captain America movies are a great example. All three Captain America movies within the MCU have been vastly different in tone and style from each other. The first is a period piece and a World War II movie. While The Winter Soldier was a contemporary spy thriller. And Civil War culminated in a massive division between the Avengers team due to political and personal differences. And the fourth film, New World Order, will see an entirely different character as Captain America.

Similarly, Hemsworth wants the Thor movies to shift in their approach to ensure that the material is fresh and interesting to audiences. But also, more importantly, for himself. Hemsworth discusses how he would also like Thor 5 to be potentially the last one in the Thor franchise of the MCU. Similar to the endings of the other original Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America.

How The Thor Movies Changed In The MCU

When Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was all said and done, there was definitely a weak link. And it was Thor. The first Thor movie had a rocky start and was not as beloved as the first Iron Man, Captain America, or Avengers movies. Its sequel in Thor: The Dark World was worse, with many deeming it the worst Thor and worst MCU movie. While Avengers: Endgame did try to redeem the second Thor movie, it’s still a hard watch. The story and Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor were dull and not as engaging as the other MCU entries. It’s only when Thor appeared with the other MCU heroes, like in the Avengers movies, that he was truly interesting. But this all changed with Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok Gave Us A Brand New Thor

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The third Thor movie, directed by Taika Waikiki, totally changed the character of Thor in the MCU. The movie itself has a huge comedic tone and placed Thor in a wacky outer space adventure. He was also teamed up with the Hulk. The story went overboard with outrageous elements and leaned into comedy to further showcase the more tragic side of Thor.

Not only the movie but even the character of Thor was different. Cutting off his signature long locks, the movie even made Thor lose an eye by the end. It was a visual and thematic shift from what we expected from the Thor movies. And the change was for the better. Ragnarok proved to be the most successful Thor movie ever. It also breathed new life into the character of Thor, making the comedic Thor the default in the MCU going forward. But then Thor: Love And Thunder went too far with this approach.

The Same Chris Hemsworth In Thor 5 Will Be Too Much Of A Good Thing

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The most recent Thor movie was Thor: Love And Thunder. With Taika Waititi returning to direct, the movie had the Herculean task of knowing what to do with the original Avenger, post-Endgame. The results were pretty mixed.

Critics and audiences liked the movie but were tired of how similar it was to Ragnarok. The same crazy tone with bright visuals. Amazing action sequences with a heartwarming story. But more importantly, the character of Thor seemed to get dumber from his previous appearance.

And the criticisms were all valid. Love And Thunder failed to make a mark like Ragnarok, given that it felt like too much of the same thing. It looks like Hemsworth is paying attention to all the criticism, Given that even he thinks the same. Hopefully, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor 5 will take into account all these issues and give us a new movie that reinvigorates the character again for the MCU.

All Thor movies are now streaming on Disney+.

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