Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

Chris Pratt’s recent voice portrayal of the iconic video game character Mario in The Super Mario Bros. has expanded the number of franchises he’s taken a central role in. Chris Pratt is a well-known actor with a range of acting abilities. He has played roles in comedy, drama, and action films, making him a versatile choice for any role.

Throughout his career, Pratt has demonstrated a remarkable range across multiple genres, from his breakout role in the hit TV series Parks and Recreation to his leading performances in blockbuster movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Given his magnetic screen presence and natural talent, many are excited about the possibility of Pratt joining the DC Universe. The actor’s potential involvement in future DC films has sparked a great deal of interest among those in the industry, who are keen to see what exciting projects Pratt will take on next.

1. Ted Grant

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

With his tough and no-nonsense attitude, Wildcat has become a beloved figure in the DC Comics universe. Also known as Ted Grant, this character brings a unique skill set and personality to his crime-fighting efforts. Ted Grant first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942. He was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Irwin Hasen. As a veteran boxer turned superhero, he brings a tough and no-nonsense attitude to his crime-fighting. Grant has a history of mentoring younger heroes, including Black Canary and Batman, and his experience and wisdom make him a valuable asset to any superhero team. Chris Pratt’s previous roles have showcased his physicality and comedic timing, making him a compelling choice to portray Ted Grant in the DC Extended Universe. Pratt has already proven himself capable of playing characters with a mentorship role, such as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy and Owen Grady in Jurassic World. His ability to balance humor and action could bring a fresh take on Wildcat and make him a standout character in the franchise.

2. Kaldur’ahm

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

As a protege to Aquaman in the DC Comics universe, Kaldur’ahm also known as Aqualad, is a young Atlantean with the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with marine life. Kaldur’ahm first appeared in Brightest Day #4 in 2010. He is a young Atlantean who serves as a protege to Aquaman and eventually becomes the leader of the team Young Justice. He is also known for his bravery and loyalty to his friends and allies. Kaldur’ahm’s inclusion in the DC Extended Universe could bring more diversity and representation to the superhero genre. Chris Pratt’s acting prowess and youthful energy could make him an excellent choice to play Kaldur’ahm on the big screen. Pratt’s experience in dramatic roles could showcase the depth and complexity of the character, while his natural charm and charisma would bring a sense of likability to the role. Plus, his previous performance as a member of a team in Guardians of the Galaxy could help him portray the camaraderie and teamwork required of a young hero like Aqualad.

3. Michael Cray

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

As a gritty and complex antihero in the DC Comics universe, Michael Cray (Deathblow) is not one to be underestimated. As a highly skilled assassin with enhanced physical abilities, he walks a fine line between hero and villain. Chris Pratt’s versatility as an actor could make him a strong choice to portray the morally ambiguous character of Michael Cray. Chris Pratt’s range as an actor could make him a great choice to play Michael Cray, as he has shown his ability to play both comedic and dramatic characters. Pratt’s experience in action films, such as the Jurassic World franchise, would be useful in portraying Michael Cray’s combat skills. Adding to that, his ability to bring humanity to flawed characters could make for a compelling portrayal of Cray’s antiheroic tendencies.

4. Tommy Monaghan

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

The DC Comics universe is full of complex and intriguing characters, and Tommy Monaghan is no exception. Monaghan is a hitman with x-ray vision and telepathic abilities. Chris Pratt’s versatility as an actor could make him an excellent choice to play Tommy Monaghan, as he has experience playing characters with both comedic and dramatic depth. Pratt’s natural charm and charisma could help him bring out the humanity in Monaghan’s morally ambiguous character, while his experience in action films could help him execute the character’s thrilling fight scenes. Playing Tommy Monaghan would also be a chance for Chris Pratt to showcase his range as an actor. The character is not just a ruthless hitman; he also has a strong sense of humor and a moral code that sets him apart from other antiheroes. Pratt’s ability to balance humor and drama could make for a compelling portrayal of Tommy Monaghan, and his past roles have shown that he has the chops to pull off the character’s complex personality.

5. Jason Blood

Casting Super Mario’s Chris Pratt in the DCU

Within the pages of DC Comics lies a character of great complexity and intrigue: a human host to the demonic entity known as Jason Blood (Etrigan). This character, with his duality and inner conflict, is a true testament to the potential for storytelling within the DC Universe. He possesses a variety of supernatural powers, including strength, healing, and the ability to control flames. Jason Blood first appeared in The Demon #1 in 1972. He was created by writer and artist Jack Kirby. He’s known for his rhyming speech and ability to manipulate flames. Chris Pratt’s versatility as an actor could make him a strong contender to play Jason Blood, as he has proven his ability to tackle both dramatic and comedic roles. Pratt’s natural charisma and screen presence could bring an intriguing dimension to the character of Jason Blood. His ability to balance humor and action would be essential to portraying the dynamic between Blood and Etrigan. Chris Pratt has demonstrated his ability to portray characters with inner turmoil, such as his performance in Passengers, as well as his capacity for dramatic roles, as seen in The Magnificent Seven. With his range and experience, Pratt could bring Jason Blood to life in a captivating and memorable way.leader of the team Young Justice

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