Captain Marvel is Taking the Lead in a Marvel Reboot

Captain Marvel is Taking the Lead in a Marvel Reboot
Captain Marvel is Taking the Lead in a Marvel Reboot

Captain Marvel is taking the lead in a Marvel reboot that will be coming soon. The powerful Avenger will take control of the team as something called The Tribulation Events take place in the comics. With Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther, Captain Marvel will seek to take on a new threat to the Marvel Universe. 

The comics have been rebooted more than once, bringing various artists and writers together for new projects. Who leads the Avengers has been a constant debate among fans. But the upside of this is that it shakes things up every now and then. By assigning new faces to lead or taking old heroes and placing them in charge, it can create new effects that might not have happened otherwise. 

It already sounds like the team will need to develop trust between them again. But if anyone has been paying attention to the comics over the years, this is nothing new. The Avengers teams have always been made up of a group of individuals that are quite different in temperament. 

The main point is that they tend to come together when it counts to combat the same issues. 

captain marvel marvel reboot

The leadership of the Avengers has changed hands a few times

Over the years, a few different characters have taken leadership of this team. When the reserve teams formed, it was split even further. Captain America has been seen as the overall leader for a long time. But Iron Man and several others have also had their time at the top spot. 

The leadership of the Avengers is something that requires a strong individual that knows how to take charge. Those who have tried and failed are often ruled by ego alone. Even Iron Man has been a good leader since, despite being egotistical, he’s still aware that the team needs to come first. 

In this vein, Captain Marvel feels like a great choice as the leader, so long as the writing supports this. As a character, she’s been one of the more believable candidates for such a position. 

The comics have made it clear that the Avengers’ leadership is not set in stone

Nothing about the Avengers is set in stone, to be fair. Their membership does come with strings, and their rules are strict enough that some members have simply left. But the leadership of this team is hard to gain and easy to lose. 

Thinking that Captain Marvel can keep the leadership easily is a fallacy many people might make. Depending on whether this is the comic book or live-action version, the character is more than powerful enough to serve as a leader. But her mental and emotional states are important as well. Thus far, the character has been impressive during her long run in the Marvel Universe. 

In the MCU, however, she still has something to prove regarding leadership skills. As far as being a great fighter and a powerful asset, there’s no question of her efficiency. 

captain marvel marvel reboot

It’s tough to pick a leader between so many egos

There is a stunning amount of ego within the Avengers, no matter what anyone says. Thor doesn’t seek the role of leadership for his reasons, but he does have an issue with following weaker people at times. Tony has an ego that stretches further than most, while Captain America doesn’t appear to have an ego but is still capable of being difficult to deal with. 

The only people on the team that don’t have massive egos are those who don’t want to lead that often. It’s fair to say that leadership comes as second nature to Black Panther since he’s been a king. But Vision, Scarlet Witch, and others have always done their own thing and never sought leadership. 

Captain Marvel taking charge doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But it will still require a bit of proving on her part to make certain that she’s the right choice. 

captain marvel marvel reboot

Fans are bound to be divided if Captain Marvel takes the lead in the movies

Since the Captain Marvel movie came to theaters, fans have had something to say. The character is interesting, but one main issue is that she was allowed to become extremely powerful in one movie. At the same time, the other heroes had to prove themselves over multiple movies. That sounds like a small thing in the long run, but it does carry weight with fans. 

The rumor that she’ll be leading the Avengers in the fifth Avengers movie has many fans wondering if this is the right decision. In the comics, it feels like a sound decision. In the MCU, it’s interesting to think about what will happen. 

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