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Credits: Devil May Cry

Gaming has taken an exciting turn as several game franchises have either gotten animes or are getting one. It makes more people invested in the franchise interested in knowing the story and brings new prospects. Several anime fans love their respective favorites due to the story, and games now prioritize that fact, pulling in fans. The trend has created room for the game to anime adaptation in the past years, but do you know them? Let’s go ahead and check the game to anime adaptations below and count the number you know among them.

Takt OP Destiny

The first on the list is the game-to-anime adaptation that hit everyone with a big bang and left fans hanging. Its Takt OP Destiny is a gacha game with its entire story based on a musical battle system, unlike the usual style. It has a master-summoning relationship with the master waving wands to control their battling music art summoning. The game got an anime which spans 12 episodes to promote the game and draw both gamers and anime fans. It’s a great anime to watch without the need to play the game, but it also works if you previously played it.

Scarlet Nexus

Another franchise to look out for is the Scarlet Nexus game and anime, which has taken the fandom by storm. The game was released in June 2021, with its anime release following it shortly after. The anime ran from July 1 to Dec 23 2021. It’s a franchise that preaches the plot of a monster invasion and human guardians using abilities for combat. Scarlet Nexus lets you use a male character with ability links from other supporting characters in the game. The anime also follows the character’s story and relations with the supporting characters to match the game.

Genshin Impact

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Credits: Genshin Impact

Lovers of open-world RPGs are excited about the game-to-anime adaptation Genshin recently announced. The game allows you to try different things, including combos and character upgrades. Genshin Impact anime is said to feature the story of two siblings, as seen from the game’s introduction scene. It will likely feature the games’ enhancements and artifact equipment similar to other game element animes. The anime is currently in production with animation done by Ufotable and will be released between 2023 and 2024.


 anime genre game

Credits: Cyberpunk 2077

If you love the futuristic setting of technology immersion with human life, then you would love the Cyberpunk franchise. Cyberpunk came to the world with the open-world game “Cyberpunk 2077” and later supported it with the anime “Cyberpunk Edgerunners.” Interestingly, the game also got an update based on the anime. Both deliverables work together to give you the experience of a mercenary lifestyle by watching and playing the different entries in the franchise. It’s a franchise that doesn’t only connects but involves watchers and gamers by creating a uniquely immersive world that is held up by top tier story telling.

God Eater

The God Eater franchise is another game to anime adaptation that made gamers go wild and connect with anime fans. Ufotable took another win with the high-tier animation of this game conversion and made it a masterpiece for gamers. It features a monster invasion plot with humans fighting against extinction and a protagonist surviving outside the walls. The anime aired between July 2015 to march 2016, making a majority of gamers transition to anime watchers and vice versa. It’s a great anime to watch without playing the game, but you might not resist the gaming urge after watching it.


Vampires, destruction, and a human hunter chasing the immortals is a storyline many people love. The fan-favorite trope once again became a reality with the Castlevania franchise showing the human hunter taking down vampires and their minions. However, the story got more range with the arrival of the animated series to pull in more people towards the franchise. The Castlevania anime was done by Netflix, spanning 4 seasons, and it took the game’s story to more exciting levels. It gets better since both anime watchers and gamers rate the respective deliverables pretty high in discussions relating to Castlevania.

Arcane: League of Legends


Credits: League of Legends

MOBA games took a leap to the moon when League of Legends got gamers hooked on the platform style. However, their audience increased with Arcane, the game to anime adaptation they pushed forward in recent years. Arcane tells its story using several prominent League of Legends champions that gamers are used to playing during several tournaments. Anime fans also got hooked on the League of Legends franchise, and some delved into the MOBA game for excitement. The anime aired in November 2021 with only nine episodes, but the game still excites every gamer playing it.


Pokémon is without a doubt the franchise that took many from their childhood to their current level in both games and animation. Pokémon is a battle monster game that accommodates different demographics, from children to adults, and continues to create more, fascinating stories. It’s a franchise that started as a game, expanding to books, and later getting a series of anime adaptations for expansions. Prominent games include Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green, while popular anime titles include Pokémon 2019. Pokémon has created a thrilling brand and is easily one of the most recognizable game brands in the world; this legacy definitely pays off by delivering built in fans with each anime release.

Should You Watch or Play Any of These Game to Anime Adaptations?

The answer is pretty evident if you are an anime fan, gamer, or both… yes, you should definitely check out these adaptations. You can always watch the animes, play the games, and enjoy the experience without care. You can also boast about your progress in the game while enjoying several anime discussions with your friends. Who knows? You might have more fun with this combo than you usually experience with animes or games alone. 

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