Apparently Many People Missed the Point of the Canto Bight Mission

credit: The Last Jedi

Apparently, many people missed the point of the Canto Bight Mission in The Last Jedi. That’s kind of remarkable, considering that it was laid out for everyone. But classic misdirection appears to be Rian Johnson’s forte. Hey, it’s worked in the Knives Out movies so far. 

The truth of this is that, yes, people did miss a few things. One thing Johnson does well is to create a series of images that people will focus on. The fact is that Canto Bight was a respite from the war. It was a place of haves and have-nots, that’s for certain. But it was also a place that people could go if they could afford it and forget about struggle. For others, it was a prison of sorts that they couldn’t escape. 

Rose Tico had her own view of the place, and Finn wasn’t much different. Strangely enough, even they didn’t really get it. DJ, the man they went to meet, understood the point of Canto Bight, and he played the game as he knew how. The idea that some have tried to push, that younger fans saw this right away, is amusing. Adult viewers might have missed this or caught it since the flash and pomp of Canto Bight are hard to ignore. So are the alien species that haven’t been seen. 

credit: The Last Jedi

Canto Bight is as much about refuge as it is about opulence

Located where it is and looking the way it does, Canto Bight is not a military installation. It’s also not a safe house or anything other than an area for the super-rich and the lucky to come and spend money. Many obviously do more than just gamble on the planet, but the vision that the audience is given is a place where people spend ridiculous amounts of money. 

It’s also a place where shady deals are made. Canto Bight does stand out as the perfect spot for such dealings. A person like DJ can cruise in and out of such a spot and remain on the down low as much as possible. Unfortunately, those like Rose and Finn will look at the opulence and grow angry because it’s not being used for a good cause. 

What’s really unfortunate is that DJ has a better grasp on what Canto Bight is really about. There is no absolute wrong or right in such a place. There’s business, and there are credits. Fueling one cause or another isn’t as much use as simply surviving and enjoying the good life. 

DJ isn’t evil, but he’s definitely not good

DJ is, for better or worse, an opportunist. He knows better than to take sides in a war, especially if it means keeping himself in one piece. Many would likely call him an arms dealer, which isn’t too far off the mark. But instead of belonging to one side or the other, he sells to both. 

To Rose and Finn, this makes him a sellout, but if he sold to the Resistance, they would see him as a hero. Sadly, war isn’t that simple since arms dealers tend to sell to the people who pay. Places like Canto Bight are great fronts for such activity since no one wants to get involved in matters that could get them killed. 

credit: The Last Jedi

The mission at Canto Bight was, admittedly, wasted screentime

Several people have admitted this since the mission was a big waste of time for the Resistance. But it does sound as though this story within the story was meant to convey a point. The idea that many people missed this is a little amusing. 

It’s fair to say that people didn’t miss it but instead dismissed it. There have been plenty of plot points in Star Wars over the years that people have noticed. Unfortunately for the people telling the story, many fans have grown weary of seeing real-world problems in entertainment. It’s not easy to avoid, but blatant injections of reality are risky sometimes. 

Canto Bight is a refuge from thinking about real-world problems, almost like an intergalactic Las Vegas. People know that shady stuff goes on, but the glitz and glam distract them from thinking about it. Once the ugly truth is unveiled, it’s less of a shock and more of a reminder of what the world is like. 

Placing politics into Star Wars is kind of unavoidable 

As it’s been mentioned, Return of the Jedi was a type of intergalactic Vietnam, particularly the Endor moon scenes. Placing politics in the movies is tough to avoid at times, especially when war and other matters are involved. But claiming that people missed anything is just as easy. 

The truth is that not as many people missed the point of Canto Bight. They simply didn’t acknowledge the outrage that Rose and Finn tried to stir up. 

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