6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E
6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne With An E is a beloved television series based on Lucy Maud Montgomery‘s classic novel, Anne of Green Gables. The show follows the imaginative and spirited Anne Shirley as she navigates life in the idyllic town of Avonlea. Along with its captivating storytelling and stunning visuals, the Anne with E lessons resonates with viewers of all ages.

This Netflix original is not a mere tale of an orphan’s journey in the 1900s. Instead, it is the story of persistence and the importance of a positive outlook. The series tackles complex social issues, such as racism, gender inequality, and bullying. It reminds viewers to embrace imagination, celebrate diversity, and foster compassion. With that in mind, here are a few Anne With A E lessons to mull over.

1. The Sanctity of Friendship

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne’s unshakable belief in the power of healthy relationships shapes her journey. Her friendships become the bedrock of her existence, which allows her to be her authentic self. Although some of her friendships began on shaky ground, she wholeheartedly invests in these connections. For example, the bond she shares with Diana, Cole, and Miss Josephine exemplifies the depth of her affection for her chosen companions. Through these relationships, Anne presents how surrounding oneself with the right people can enhance life’s experiences and make them more fulfilling.

2. Beauty Comes in All Forms

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

As far as Anne With An E lessons go, this is a big one. Anne’s initial dislike of her appearance reflects her early struggles with self-acceptance. Feeling pressured to conform to social ideals, she attempts to change her red hair. However, as Anne’s journey unfolds, she undergoes significant character development. It shifts her focus from her physical appearance to the meaningful relationships she forms.

Through her experiences and interactions, Anne learns the importance of presence and authenticity. She discovers that being there for her friends and loved ones holds far greater significance than conforming to an idealized image of perfection. Her desire to fit in gradually fades into the background as she embraces her true self.

3. Imagination Can Know No Bound

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne lives a life filled with constant excitement and adventure. While one might expect Anne to harbor anger or withdraw from the world, even the simplest tasks transform into moments of exploration and imaginative wonder. She radiates a brilliant light even in the face of adversity, proving that the power of imagination can yield extraordinary creations and concepts. 

Her boundless imagination births remarkable achievements, such as the hidden sanctuary nestled deep within the enchanting woods, the captivating persona of Princess Cordelia, and the blossoming friendship she shares with Diana. These are just a few remarkable fruits from Anne’s ever-expanding imaginative realm. As Anne’s world expands, so does her impact on those around her.

4. Good Intentions Don’t Always Lead to Good Results

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne’s genuine intentions drive her actions most of the time. But occasionally, the outcomes don’t align with the results she envisions. A specific instance is when she writes to Jeannie, wrongly assuming the persona of Matthew. Anne’s sole desire is to bring joy to Matthew’s life. 

While she believes that a grand romantic gesture will achieve precisely that, Matthew is deeply hurt upon discovering Anne’s deception. Her apology proves insufficient in soothing the pain caused by her actions. This experience serves as a valuable lesson, highlighting that intentions alone do not solely determine the significance of an outcome.

5. If Something Doesn’t Feel Right, Speak Up

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne possesses remarkable instincts. Sometimes, she doesn’t quite understand why she feels a certain way and occasionally disregards her inner voice. Her character exemplifies the detrimental consequences of ignoring that unsettling feeling of something wrong. For example, she frequently notices peculiar occurrences or senses that things don’t quite add up in the presence of the two con artists.

Even when she musters up the courage to speak, the adults around her fail to listen, leaving viewers disheartened by these challenging scenes. It appears deceptively simple for Anne’s character to merely shout out the truth amid the chaotic situations. However, after Marilla scolds her, Anne elects not to do so, ultimately resulting in the entire town falling victim to the scam.

6. The Past Doesn’t Dictate the Future

6 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Anne with an E

Anne’s childhood is incredibly difficult, plagued by countless challenges that seem to follow her relentlessly. Most of which are none of her faults. Yet, through adversity, Anne remains resilient, defying the odds against her. 

She becomes a beacon of inspiration, embodying true strength and courage. As Anne’s story unfolds in Anne With An E, her unwavering determination constantly reminds her that even the darkest times are fleeting. She discovers the power to embrace change and see the silver lining, one of this show’s many unforgettable life lessons.

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