Fuller House Was Smart To Focus On DJ And Stephanie Tanner

Fuller House Was Smart To Focus On DJ And Stephanie Tanner
Fuller House Was Smart To Focus On DJ And Stephanie Tanner

For many 90s kids, Full House was more than just a TV show –it was a cultural phenomenon that shaped their early years. The show followed the lives of the Tanner family, showcasing the ups and downs of parenting, sibling relationships, and growing up. 30 years after its debut, Full House set out to make a comeback with a bigger full house called, Fuller House

After Netflix announced that a revival was underway, fans of the source material, Full House, were excited to return to that universe. The show promised to offer a modern narrative on the experiences in the Fuller house while focusing on two members of the original family, daughters DJ played by Candace Cameron Bure and Stephanie played by Jodie Sweetin. The combination of familiar faces and a new generation of characters was a refreshing take on the millennial treasure that was Fuller House while simultaneously creating a younger generation of fans. 

The Story Behind the Revamped Full House Spinoff

Fuller House Was Smart To Focus On DJ And Stephanie Tanner

The road to Fuller House was anything but smooth, with several years of planning and negotiations required to bring the new series to life. Much of the credit for the show’s revival goes to John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis in the original series and served as an executive producer for the new spinoff. Stamos was passionate about bringing the show back to the screen and worked tirelessly to rally the rest of the original cast members around the idea. As well as choosing to work with some of the principal crew members like Jeff Franklin-Full House’s creator, Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett who worked as producers. 

Fuller House chose to focus on the adult lives of DJ and Stephanie Tanner as they navigated career changes, parenting, and family drama. The show was pitched as a classic family sitcom with a modern twist, incorporating new characters and storylines to appeal to a wider audience. Despite some initial scepticism from fans and critics, the show garnered positive reviews and high ratings in its first season. But this did not last too long as the show constantly dropped in its ratings until it was cancelled

Fuller House’s Biggest Strength Was Its Cast

Fuller House Was Smart To Focus On DJ And Stephanie Tanner

One smart move that the creators of Fuller House made was centring its focus on DJ and Stephanie Tanner. While the original Full House show had an ensemble cast, with each character getting their own storylines and moments to shine, the spinoff recognizes the power of the Tanner sisters’ dynamic and gives them plenty of opportunities to explore their relationship. By focusing on these two characters, the show is able to delve deeper into their individual journeys as new parents while also highlighting their shared history and connection to the original Full House. This approach not only appeals to longtime fans who have been invested in DJ and Stephanie’s lives for years but also creates a relatable and engaging narrative for new audiences who may be unfamiliar with the original series. 

DJ who is the lead character in Fuller House has pretty much the same circumstances as her father had in Full House. The spin-off sequel starts off with her as a single parent who just lost her husband, raising 3 kids, just like her father was when Full House began. It is in the same way that Fuller House quickly became a fan favourite, appealing to the nostalgic tendencies of the 90s kids who just like DJ had become parents and were figuring out life, one day at a time.    

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