8 Manhwa Recommendations Similar To Solo Leveling

8 Manhwa Recommendations Similar To Solo Leveling
manhwa recommendations

Credit: The Lone Necromancer

Many anime fans, gamers, and manga readers love the concept of a character getting stronger by leveling up in dungeons alone. Solo leveling is a franchise that depicts this context while showing off top-quality illustrations to immerse the readers. However, the manhwa has reached its end, and fans keep searching for similar manhwa while awaiting the solo leveling anime. Picking a manhwa that matches up to solo leveling in story and illustration is a tasking thing to do. Here are some manhwa recommendations that you can dive into, giving you a similar feel to solo leveling.

Top 8 Manhwa Recommendations

The Player That Cant Level Up

manhwa recommendations

Credit: The Player That Cant Level Up

Topping this list in no particular order is the player that can’t level up, and it preaches leveling up alone. The story features a character who couldn’t grow past level 1 and could not get stronger by regular means. However, he gets stronger using ego weapons during dungeon floor raids and ignores the need to level up. The player that can’t level up currently has 84 chapters, with its franchise still giving you more to read. It’s a great piece to read if you fall among the category who are sad about the end of solo leveling.

Lone Necromancer

manhwa recommendations

Credit: Lone Necromancer

The Lone necromancer manhwa, also translated as Solo Necromancy, gives readers a tremendous run-like solo leveling. It features a necromancy ability similar to solo leveling but different from using shadows for battle. The main character seeks redemption for allowing his parents to die as he picks the undead class “necromancer” in the story. He manipulates skeleton-type summons of different species and sizes to gain victory over opponents along with two other characters he meets. Lone necromancer uses a game element power system similar to solo leveling but contains several variations in its application. 

Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

manhwa recommendations

Credit: Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

Start the journey with Lee gun, a character who was overpowered by the genesis of these manhwa recommendations. The manhwa uses a different kind of power system that is undefined right from the story’s beginning. However, they tend to borrow powers from zodiacs, with 12 saints standing as heroes, but there is the 13th saint. Lee Gun is the 13th saint with no attachment to the zodiac but remains more potent than the other saints. Follow his story as he brings all opponents to their needs with his newfound power, which increases his strength further.

Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Credit: Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Here is of the manhwa recommendations that shows you the life of a side character in a post-apocalyptic game element story. Kim Dokja journeys to living the life of a side character in the story he reads and survive the challenges. He works to survive and change several scenarios alone but then creates a team to achieve his objectives. You also see the hero’s overpowered abilities and personality compared to the main character and his mental techniques. Omniscient reader’s viewpoint showcases reader abilities in a significant way with a character designed as Sung Jin Woo.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Credit: The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Another solo player is Hojae, who climbs the tutorial tower in the hell difficulty alone and survives as a ranker. The story starts as the pro gamer Hojae gets pulled into a game element-based tutorial tower to grow stronger. He challenges the reality of the tower and pushes forward to climb higher as the gods grant him unique benefits. 

His solo play and survivability impressed the gods and players in the other difficulties despite being on lower floors. His summoning doesn’t compare to solo leveling, but it still fits your search’s “leveling up alone” concept. It’s currently ongoing with 85 chapters and gets updates every week to keep you connected to the story.

SSS Class Ranker

manhwa recommendations

Credit: SSS Class Ranker

Things get crazier with Rokan the berserker and his ambition to dominate the gaming world of “The Lord.” Rokan experienced defeat from the Ragnarök guild for refusing to join them and lost his items and status as a ranker. However, he goes back in time and vows to put them beneath his feet while dominating as a solo berserker. Follow Rokan as he restarts his gaming life to regain all he lost In his past life while acquiring more benefits. It doesn’t express necromancy but ensures you enjoy the brute force style that clears opponents out of the way.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Enjoy a different type of necromancy with the stubborn, hard-headed relief character called weed in the gaming world. Unlike many others, many anime fans wish to transverse between the gaming world and back, and this manhwa expresses that wish. Weed works to earn money to care for his sister as he grinds in the game to level up alone. He started as a character who changed classes to a sculptor and later got a sculpting-type necromancy ability. It gets better as he also gets a transformation ability similar to Jin Woo’s final form in solo leveling.  

Blade Of Evolution

Lastly on this list is the Blade of Evolution, which seems close to the solo leveling franchise with few differences. It features a character who keeps getting affected by the system due to a particular history with his parents. He later decides to get stronger to unveil the truth behind his mother’s death and his father’s disappearance from his childhood. 

His development comes from a certain sword that aids his evolution as he gets the essence of every boss monster he defeats. Follow the character as he makes discoveries, levels up in dungeons, and even gets wanted by the authorities while leveling. The manhwa has ended with 75 chapters, so you can always get into it without worrying about being left behind.

Why Should You Read Them?

Solo leveling surprised the world, causing controversy between anime fans and manga readers. The franchise showed high-tier illustrations and immersed readers into the story with characters. It kept anime watchers on edge, expecting the animation to get on the same page as the manga readers. So check these manhwa recommendations and enjoy the solo leveling action while you wait for the anime and games. 


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