7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that spreads cozy vibes and homely feels. These holidays are best spent with family watching feel-good Christmas movies while having your favorite snacks. These movies are well known for making you swoon. 

A plethora of filmmakers treats us with some best cozy romantic movies during these holidays. Following are some honorable mentions to feast on this Christmas season.

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

Credit: To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

Just when you thought the romcom era is over, Netflix surprised us with a heart-felt amazing chemistry between Lara and Peter. Turning from fake lovers to real couples is the movie’s main plot. It all started when the main female lead, Lara accidentally sent her best-kept love letter to a childhood crush of hers. Later in the story, she decides to fake a relationship to cover up her feelings for the crush. Little did she know she’ll be madly in love with her fake boyfriend. You can unveil the rest of the turns and twists of this movie on Netflix. 

2. The Holidate

The Holidate is also a movie with plenty of holiday spirits that revolves around love in the 30s. A hopeless girl who is soon going to hit 40 meets a man and they both agree to be each other’s date on family holidays to save themselves from dating questions they would otherwise get. From faking it to actually falling for each other, the movie takes a few interesting turns. Eventually, the last-minute love confessions will leave you all teary and emotional. 

3. The Elf

7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

Credit: The Elf

The Elf is a movie that tops the lists when listing holiday classics. This Christmas movie uncovers the story of an orphan who wants to go on a spree to find his biological dad. If you’re looking for a holiday movie that will make you laugh, this hilarious film wins the race. It invigorates the Christmas spirit in the most fun way possible, and is perfect to give you festive Christmas vibes. 

4. Home Alone

There are some movies that are timeless and never disappoint their audiences, irrespective of time. Home Alone is one such classic. After an overwhelming response to the first film, other parts of the Home Alone universe were also launched. It’s a light-hearted movie with Christmas spirits. 

7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

Credit: Home Alone

The story spins around a little boy who effortlessly stops two thieves using things available at hand. Eventually, the little boy alone takes down all of them using epic tactics that will leave you with a contagious laugh. This movie also hints at the family values and a shared bond of the family when the boy, Kevin, realizes that he shouldn’t wish to live without his family. 

5. The Polar Express

The Polar Express is an animated movie that hits right in the Christmas vibes. The movie shows the story of a boy who leaves his house and boards a train to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. It was based on a picture book made for kids. The movie is perfect to cause childhood nostalgia and gives cozy Christmas vibes.

6. The Holiday

7 Cozy Movies to Watch This Christmas

Credit: The Holiday

The Holiday is a movie with the right Christmas spirit and a perfect awe-inspiring love story. The movie stars Titanic actress Kate Winslet who once again proves her craft through this movie. This movie is one of the most honorable mentions in the history of romcoms and Christmas movies. The actors in the film played their parts so beautifully that it left the audience wanting more of them. Hence, this movie is watched during all festive seasons across the country, which undeniably makes it one of the best holiday movies of all time. 

7. Love Actually

Love Actually is a movie that will warm your heart with love and drama. The story is full of young love and heart-melting confessions. The movie stars love stories at different stages of life through its characters. The impeccable acting skills of the actors will only leave you wanting more of this movie. From running in airports to falling adorably in love, this movie wouldn’t disappoint you.

If you’re still left craving more quality Christmas movies, here are 12 more Christmas movies you won’t want to miss.

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