5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life
5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

Princess Diana’s Early Days on The Crown

The world first met Lady Diana Spencer in the fourth season of The Crown as a youthful figure, portrayed by Emma Corrin. Her introduction is as whimsical as it is significant, first appearing in a charming ‘mad tree’ costume. This encounter with Prince Charles set a fairytale tone that the series would both embrace and scrutinize. It’s a portrayal that suggests a much-needed fairytale to unite the British people, yet it doesn’t shy away from the underlying tensions within the Royal family.

5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

The Fairytale Wedding of Princess Diana

In 1981, viewers of The Crown witnessed the grandeur of Princess Diana’s wedding. The series meticulously recreated this iconic event, complete with a 25-foot silk train and an impressively long tulle veil. It was a spectacle that required nearly ten people to help actress Emma Corrin don the attire, symbolizing the weight of expectations placed upon Diana. This portrayal underscored her rapid ascent to becoming ‘the people’s princess’ and the public fascination with her image.

Humanizing Princess Diana’s Personal Struggles

The Crown did not shy away from portraying Princess Diana’s personal challenges, including her battle with bulimia. The series approached this sensitive topic with care, consulting with eating disorder charity BEAT to ensure accuracy and sensitivity. This humanization of Diana’s struggles offers viewers an intimate look at her vulnerabilities and the pressures she faced in her new life as part of the Royal Family.

Producers worked closely with the eating disorder charity, BEAT, to ensure that their portrayal of Princess Diana’s bulimia in Season Four was both accurate to the disorder and sensitively handled. – a spokesperson for Left Bank Pictures
5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

Triumph in Australia and Rising Popularity

The Australian tour of 1983, depicted in The Crown, was a pivotal moment for Princess Diana. It marked not only a high point in her marriage but also solidified her status as an adored figure in public life. The effort to accurately represent this period was significant, with costume designers creating 17 outfits to capture the essence of Diana’s style during this time. Despite challenges in sourcing period-specific fabrics, the series succeeded in conveying her impact on royal perceptions.

5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

A Mother’s Love Portrayed on Screen

Amidst the grand narratives and historical events, The Crown also captures Princess Diana’s tender relationship with her sons, William and Harry. It portrays moments of maternal warmth and concern that resonate deeply with viewers who remember Diana as a devoted mother. This aspect of her life adds depth to her character on screen, reminding us of the enduring love she had for her children despite the complexities of royal life.

If I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother, the things I would have said to her – the Duke of Sussex
5 Facts The Crown Shared About Princess Diana’s Life

In conclusion, The Crown offers an intricate look at Princess Diana’s life, from her storybook introduction to her very real struggles and triumphs. It humanizes an icon and provides a nuanced depiction that resonates with many who hold her memory dear.

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