Who Did Nestor Carbonell Play in Psych Season 5?

Who Did Nestor Carbonell Play in Psych Season 5?
Who Did Nestor Carbonell Play in Psych Season 5?

Psych is a detective comedy-drama series that aired on the USA Network from 2006 to 2014. The show follows the adventures of Shawn Spencer, a young man who leverages his keen eye for detail and exceptional powers of observation to pretend to be a psychic to help the Santa Barbara Police Department solve cases. Throughout its 8-season run, the show welcomed a number of actors in guest and recurring roles including Nestor Carbonell.

Carbonell was, at the time, fresh off his role as Richard Alpert on the hit science fiction drama, Lost. His role on Psych was his first live-action role after the curtains came down on Lost in 2010. He portrayed the role in two back-to-back episodes of Season 5.

Nestor Carbonell’s Psych Season 5 Character Was Part Of A Love Triangle Involving Shawn and Juliet

Who Did Nestor Carbonell Play in Psych Season 5?

Nestor Carbonell appeared in Psych Season 5 as Declan Rand, a fake criminal profiler who becomes involved with Shawn and Gus in a storyline that spans episodes 8 and 9. Rand is hired by the SBPD to assist on a case Shawn is working on and he immediately makes an impact prompting Shawn and Gus to investigate his true intentions. Shawn and his team will later discover that he is a wealthy man working just for fun.

Rand’s character involves a mix of mystery, romance, and intrigue as he eventually falls for Shawn’s colleague Juliet whom Shawn also has eyes for. An interesting love triangle quickly forms among the trio after Shawn indirectly declares his feelings for Juliet. Juliet will eventually choose Shawn over Declan bringing an end to his brief time on the show. Despite the brevity, Carbonell delivered a compelling performance that further proved just how great the show’s overall casting was.

Nestor Carbonell Has Played A Sleuth In Other TV Shows

Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero in Bates Motel

Carbonell has portrayed some memorable characters throughout his career and a few of those have had him step into the role of a detective. His role in Psych Season 5 happens to be one of the many other times he’s portrayed a man with a badge. He played a former cop with drug addiction in an episode of the crime drama thriller, Day Break.

Carbonell’s most prominent role as a law enforcement officer came as Sheriff Alex Romero in the hit psychological horror series Bates Motel. The show which serves as a prequel to the Alfred Hitchcock 1960 film Psycho follows the complex relationship between a young Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his overbearing mother, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) as they move to a small town in Oregon and buy an old motel. Carbonell perfectly embodies the tough and no-nonsense Sherriff committed to maintaining law and order in White Pine Bay, where the titular hotel is located. Carbonell also played FBI Agent Victor Machado in the short-lived crime drama, Ringer.storyline that spans episodes 8 and 9Nestor Carbonell

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